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2022 Adopted Budget and Resolutions 6/21/2022 WD 55B Other pdf 360KB Download
2023 ADOPTED RESOLUTIONS 2023 3/21/2023 Other pdf 103KB Download
2023 Annual Meeting Information Request 12/15/2022 IDWR Other pdf 91KB Download
2022 Annual Meeting Minutes 6/21/2022 WD 55B Minutes pdf 196KB Download
2023 ANNUAL MEETING MINUTES 2023 3/23/2023 Minutes pdf 59KB Download
2017 Creation of Water District 55B Report or Article pdf 1706KB Download
2022 Final Order Creating Water District 55B 4/12/2022 IDWR Orders pdf 1114KB Download
2022 Letter Petitioning for Creation of Water District 1/4/2022 Schroeder Law Correspondence pdf 790KB Download
2022 Notice of Proposed Action and Public Hearing Jordan Crk 2/1/2022 IDWR Hearings pdf 753KB Download
2022 Petitions for Reconsideration 4/26/2022 Petitioners Orders pdf 605KB Download
2022 Public Comment After Hearing Various Water Users Hearings pdf 1049KB Download
2023 WATER DISTRICT BUDGET 2023 3/29/2023 Report or Article pdf 217KB Download
2023 WATER DISTRICT CONTACT SHEET 2023 Other pdf 53KB Download
2023 WATER DISTRICT MEETING CHECKLIST 2023 3/23/2023 Hearings pdf 219KB Download
2023 WATERMASTER APPOINTMENT JUSTIN SHEARER 2023 6/9/2023 Certificate / Oath pdf 123KB Download
2022 Watermaster Certificate of Appointment 7/11/2022 IDWR Certificate / Oath pdf 123KB Download
2022 Watermaster Official Oath 6/29/2022 WD 55B Certificate / Oath pdf 51KB Download
2023 WATERMASTER'S ANNUAL REPORT 22-23 3/21/2023 Minutes pdf 70KB Download
2022 WD55B 2022 Annual Meeting Agenda 6/21/2022 WD55B Correspondence pdf 80KB Download
2022 WD55B 2022 First Annual Meeting of Water District Jordan Creek 5/27/2022 IDWR Correspondence pdf 192KB Download
2022 WD55B 2022 Order on Reconsideration Amended Final Order Creating Water District Jordan Creek 5/9/2022 IDWR Orders pdf 797KB Download